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Tips for the Maintenance of Industrial Endoscope

August 22,2017.

The manufacturing process of the endoscope is very precise, and some common faults are often caused by nonstandard operation at ordinary times. Here are a few common causes of failure and some method for troubleshoot .

1, If the machine appears abnormal, please cut off the power supply immediately, to prevent accidents.

2, When the machine works for a long time, most of the lens will produce a lot of heat, this is a normal phenomenon, at this time you should avoid touching it.

3, Please do not use bright light irradiation, so as not to damage the photosensitive chip.

4, Please do not unplug the SD card under the boot.

5. When inserting the inner tube, please insert it slowly. If it is difficult to insert, you should stop inserting so as not to damage the front lens glass.

Routine maintenance of endoscopes Endoscopy

It should be completely dry before be put into case, and pay special attention to the probe end and all the lens surface, dry lens and light guide lens with dry cotton swab carefully. The storage facilities should be clean, dry, well ventilated and maintain normal temperature, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity and X ray. Should keep the insert tube of the endoscope straight. If it is be put into a disk storage, do not bind the tube too tightly.

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