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Tips from Coantec Industrial Borescope​ for Your Car to Avoid Wading in Rainstorm Season​.

January 4,2018.

In rainy season,the rain water is easy to enter into the car.When the water enters into the exhaust pipe and the air inlet,the vehicle will be caused to wade out.How do you avoid wading and flameout when you can't stop the rainstorm and have to go out? This article will give you the answer.

Don't wade in this situation.

You must watch the road carefully before passing through the water.If the water reaches 2/3 of the bumper or the tire,never attempt to wade through it.Because the exhaust pipe position is relatively low.Once the water level is over the exhaust pipe,the vehicle may be unable to exhaust because of direct flameout.

Remember,when you can pass,please let the speed at the low level.
When you are sure you can pass the road safely ,turn off the start/stop function and change into low speed in the water.During driving,he steering wheel and the accelerator pedal need to be stabilized,and the car should has enough and steady power to pull through ,and you also need to avoid the midway stop,shift or swerve.

The arrival of the rainy season is inconvenient, so we should check the car with Coantec industrial endoscope before the car works.Coantec industrial endoscopes can detect car engines and carbon deposits blocked and so on.The introduction of the Coantec ME automobile endoscope greatly shortens the repair time and reduces maintenance costs.At the same time, it also avoids the damage caused by repeated disassembly and assembly of parts.

Before the engine is cleaned,the carbon deposits in the engine should be observed by an endoscope and photographed.It can not only avoid unnecessary disassembly,but also can accurately and efficiently find the problems of the car.After cleaning,you can observe and take photos. The images observed before and after cleaning are compared together.The entire maintenance process is very clear,simple operation,environmental protection,which meets the concept of green repairing of the car.
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