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Ultra Fine Diameter of 2mm Videoscope

July 12,2018.

The front-end probe of the 2mm ultrafine  industrial videoscope pipeline in Coantec can bend in many directions in 360 degrees. It can not only change the direction of the line of sight, but the 160 thousand pixels can satisfy the conventional detection under general conditions, and can accurately observe the real condition of the inner surface of the object. At present, many domestic manufacturers can only bend to the square or two directions, and the pixels are only below 100 thousand pixels. This is the advantage that other testing instruments can't replace.

The millimeter ultrafine video industrial endoscope, like other conventional industrial endoscopy, can be used for inspection and observation of places where high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation and human eyes can't be directly observed. It can also be used to detect precision parts, precision parts, casting parts, small pipes, crevice and so on. The front end LED lamp, illuminated 20000Lx, life up to 100000 hours, can provide lighting for the detection environment, so that under the light conditions can also be normal testing work.

As one of the few manufacturers in the industry that can independently develop and produce ultra-fine industrial videoscopes, Coantec 2mm endoscope product has been well received by domestic and foreign customers. The advantage of this 2 millimeter ultra fine video industrial endoscope is that the diameter of the tube is small. For the precise parts that need to be checked, its small pipe diameter is easy to bend and can be flexibly through the smaller holes. The pictures and video display are also very intuitive and clear, so that the users are able to treat the internal conditions of the testing parts at a glance.


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