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Ultra HD Mega Pixel Industrial Videoscope of Coantec C50 series

Key Specifications/Special Features

Bending Control: 360°all-way mechanical control

Bending Angle:
Within 5m≥160° , Above 5m≥120°

Light Type:
Front LED  light or Rear-mounted LED Fiber light (≥3w hour)

Front LED light with max 20,000lx , Rear-mounted LED Fiber light with

max 10,000lx

5-inch LCD daylight display

Image Resolution:
1280*720/ 960*720

Video Resolution:

File Format: Picture:
BMP/ JPEG; Vide: MP4

Standard 8G SD card, Support 32G at maximum

Special Functions:
File can be renamed and locked. User can add logo to the image.

Product Details

Ultra HD Mega Pixel Industrial Videoscope of Coantec C50 series


      1. Excellent Performance --- Ten Prominent Software Features

  • Daylight display with full new intelligent software system

The C50 series features an LCD daylight display that is clearly visible in the sun. The new human-computer interaction software is more human, scientific, more powerful and more comfortable.

  • Million pixels HD camera, excellent image processing technology

Miniature 720P HD image sensor makes the image more delicate and the color more realistic, the image is uncompressed, the resolution is up to 1280*720, and every real detail is restored.

  • HDMI HD video output

Equipped with HDMI video output interface, connected to the PC through a dedicated data cable, suitable for expert consultation, helping to quickly find the defect of the detected object.

  • 100,000 Lx super light + Large field of view
       Illumination is 50 times higher than that of ordinary endoscopes. It is suitable for dark and harsh environments. It has 8 levels of brightness adjustment function. The light source can be adjusted according to the environment during the testing.With a larger depth of field and a larger angle of view, even first-time users can get good visual effects.

  2. Excellent Quality --- Double tungsten alloy braided insert tube of 4 layers oilproof, waterproof, wearable and durable stable and reliable laser welding process

The insertion tube is woven with tungsten alloy wire, which has a tighter braiding layer than the stainless steel wire insertion tube, which improves the wear resistance of the insertion tube by 20 times and effectively prolongs its service life.

The C50 Series camera uses sapphire protection lenses to effectively prevent the lens from being damaged twice.

  3. Easy Operation --- Intelligent Navigation Menu

The navigation menu design is simple and clear, easy to understand and easy to use, novices can get started without training.

Support  ten  languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian.

0.1 second automatic exposure, automatic noise reduction, fast capture of the real details of the detected object, and feedback through high-definition pictures.

  • Intelligent and Humanized Design Multi-function Joystick
          The unique rocker closed-loop control technology enhances the bending sensitivity and steering control of the probe for more precise operation.The multi-function joystick has one-key lock, step-by-step fine adjustment, fast and slow adjustment, automatic reset, OK confirmation, menu navigation function, making inspection work easier.


 Probe Diameter  φ4.8mm / φ6mm / φ8mm
 Pixels  1,000,000 Pixels
 Probe Material  Hard titanium alloy protective casing
 Depth of Field (Direct View)  5-180mm; 10-100mm
 Depth of Field (Side View)  3-30mm
 Field of View (Direct View)  110° / 120° Optional
 Field of View (Side View)  70° / 90° Optional
 Visible direction  Standard direct view lens (side view lens optional)


 Host size  380mm*135mm*85mm
 Host weight  ≤1.35kgs (with batteries), the total weight depends on the length and diameter of the insert tube  
 Instrument case size  600mm*395mm*235mm
 Output port  HDMI
 Fall-resistant  1.2m fall-resistant
 Insert tube protection device    130mm wear-resistant tube anti-twist protection tube
 Working Time  ≥4 hours, endurance to 8 hours


 Integrated design  Probe, Screen, Insert tube, Handle, Battery and other integrated handheld design
 Insert Tube  Four-layer tungsten wire wear-resistant braided tube
 Effective Working Length  1.5m ~ 10m
 Bending Control Mode  Electric control
 Probe Articulation  360° all-way
 Bending Lock  One-key Lock
 Step Regulation  Step regulation between high-speed and low-speed bend
 Bending Speed Control  Fast / Slow
 Bending Angle  Within 5m ≥160°, Above 5m  120°
 Light Type  Front LED light or Rear-mounted LED Fiber light (≥3W hours
 Illumination  Front LED light with max 20,000lx, Rear-mounted LED Fiber light with max 100,000lx
 Image enlargement  Support real-time 4x zoom, 8x partial zoom when the picture is viewed
 Bright Adjustment  Manual, 8 levels
 Display  5-inch LCD daylight display
 Image Resolution  1280*720 / 960*720
 Video Resolution  1280*720
 Shooting & recording function  With camera and video function, can be captured during recording
 System security  With power-on passward unlock function
 Image mode  Color, black and white, negative
 Auxiliary measurement  Cross cursor
 File editing  File can be renamed and add company logo
 File Format  Picture: BMP / JPEG; Video: MP4
 Video playback  Fast forward and rewind functions
 Image flip  180°
 Image preview  Two mondes for the list and the nine-square grid, the full-   screen viewing/ deletion/ file name editing/ adding notes operation, time watermark and picture-   in-picture guidance function can be performed in the preview mode.
 Memory  Standard 8G SD card, support 32G at maximum
 Equipment durability protection device    Buffer protection device for connecting host and insert tube
 Emergency lighting  Glare LED emergency lighting
 Insert Tube  Oil and corrosion resistant

Operation Environment:

 Host System Working Temperature  -10 ~ 50, when 0 below, the display needs preheating
 Camera Working Temperature  -20 ~ 75, when 0 below, please reduce oriented operation
 Dustproof, waterproof  Insert Tube IP67
 Store Temperature  -20 ~ 60
 Relative Humidity  15% ~ 90%


 Standard Configuration    Instrument case, C50 videoscope, 2 sets of batteries, card reader, 8G SD card, charger, file documents  

 HDMI cable, Hand-held casing, High-grade instrument case (with insert tube storage tray),

 Lens storage box

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