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Videoscope Application:Inspection of Subway Fault



High Speed Railway Industry

The object inspected and working condition:

Inspect the scratches on the lower surface of the steel bar and the cracks on the contact surface of the screw, and the measured diameter is 30mm.


P50pro HD Industrial Videoscope complied with the stereotype tube,can solve customer’s needs.

Large depth of field,Wide angle of view and high definition,which are very suit for subway maintenance.Daily inspection of subway can guarantee the safe operation of the subway. Every night maintenance staff have to inspect the subway equipment ,such as compartment roof,the place inside of the car and the place under the census.The repair work under the vehicle is very comprehensive and meticulous,because even if there is a screw loose,it will affect the operation of the metro vehicle.So the subway maintenance work must be rigorous and without leaking.

Using Coantec industrial endoscope to inspect the faults in the narrow gap can observe the components that can not be observed directly by eyes. Coantec industrial endoscope can detect the equipment of the site, bogies, air conditioning equipment,and observe whether there are wear, cracks, foreign bodies and so on.Coantec industrial endoscopes are essential tools for detection in metro operation,which can guarantee the safety of  vehicle and people.

Borescope Camera

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