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Videoscope Application:Pharmaceutical Machinery

June 12,2018.

In the process of pharmaceutical equipment production and pipeline installation, in order to control the quality of pipeline and engineering, in order to provide qualified and qualified products, the primary task is to provide high quality, safe and reliable pipeline welding report. All kinds of authentication systems carry out reasonable and effective whole process management control on the quality of pipeline welding. The 21 CFR and 210211 parts of the United States and the FDA and the EU GMP in Europe all have relevant chapters on the requirements of the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment, the material of the pipeline, the surface roughness, and the arrangement of the equipment pipes. At this point, we will use industrial videoscope to detect it.

The risk of metal powder, metal particles and other metal foreign objects in the product will bring great harm to the safety of drugs when the pharmaceutical equipment is worn out because of the wear and tear.

The special endoscope M3 used in  pharmaceutical industry is portable, mobile and recordable. At the same time, multi-functional operation has expanded the scope of application of endoscopy and is an ideal testing instrument for industrial inspection.


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