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Videoscope Application:Pressure Pipe

July 2,2018.

The safety hidden danger of chemical plant is everywhere, the pressure vessel under the condition of high pressure and corrosive medium is the most important thing in the safety production. The correct inspection method is the first step of the safety guarantee. It is very important to correct the safety inspection of the pressure pipe, container and lifting machinery. The problem of finding an industrial videoscope is one of the most direct and effective ways to identify potential safety hazards. The biggest feature is that it will not destroy objects under test, and can detect small defects and internal defects that the naked eye can not observe.

Industrial endoscopy can be applied to the pressure vessel, pipeline, manufacturing stage and regular safety inspection after the use of pressure pipes, containers and lifting machinery in chemical plant and to improve the production process to know whether the production process is suitable. Coantec industrial endoscope can detect the internal welding conditions, corrosion and cracking, and the inspection of pipe blockage in the pressure vessel, pipeline facilities and so on. It is widely used in the manufacturing enterprises of chemical plant.

Through the Coantec C50 industrial endoscope periodic inspection staff can find the defects in the process of use in time, so that the staff can be timely reminding the maintenance of the equipment to achieve the purpose of the safety of the equipment and personnel. The Coantec C50 industrial endoscope uses long distance signal transmission and guided transmission technology, with a rotation angle of up to 120 degrees. This technological breakthrough can be fully used in pipes, set boxes or large equipment. After the high power LED lighting, optical fiber guide, illumination up to 100 thousand Lx, suitable for dark and bad environment, the illumination is 50 times the ordinary endoscope, and has the brightness 7 cycle adjustment function, the detection can be adjusted in time according to the environmental light source. Coantec provides you with a professional integrated endoscopy solution.

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