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Videoscope for Corrosion Inspection


Why is videoscope very important for corrosion inspection?The following will tell you.

Just about anything that is made of common structural metals can be subject to corrosion. A particularly important problem that many industries face is the measurement of remaining wall thickness in pipes, tubes, or tanks that may be corroded on the inside surface. Such corrosion is often not detectable by visual inspection without cutting or disassembling the pipe or tank. Structural steel beams, particularly bridge supports and steel pilings, are also subject to corrosion that reduces the original thickness of the metal. If undetected over a period of time, corrosion will weaken walls and possibly lead to dangerous structural failures. Both safety and economic considerations require that metal pipes, tanks, or structures that are subject to corrosion be inspected on a regular basis.

Coantec Industrial Videoscope is a widely accepted nondestructive instrument for performing this inspection.Please feel free to contact us,who are willing to help you.

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