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With the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry, the requirement for processing precision of equipment parts is getting higher and higher,and the structure of it is also more and more complicated. So non-destructive inspection seems particularly important. Coantec is a new high-tech enterprise,specialized in visual detection products of NDT Instruments and integrated with R&D, production and marketing.We are specialized in industrial and police videoscope.  

Coantec has being devoted to providing high-quality visual detection service for energy industry, petrochemical industry, machine casting, special inspection industry, food medicine machine, automobile manufacturing, automobile repair and maintenance, aerospace, military security, and military equipment,since its establishment in 2012.

The company has built a R&D team led by post-doctors, hired many domestic cutting edge technological talents as consultants, and established a machine vision application technology R&D center covering almost one thousand square meters, which is mainly aimed for the R&D and production of C65 3D Videoscope, RB Infrared Thermal Videoscope, P40/V5/C50 Industrial Videoscope,M3-p Police Videoscope, etc.

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