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What Are the Advantages of the C50 Industrial Videoscope?

June 27,2018.

As a famous brand in the field of industrial videoscope, the release of C50 is a big news in the industry.At present, in order to make profits and profits for all new and old customers, Coantec has launched various kinds of activities. Please pay much attention to new and old customers.

C50 has made many technical and functional upgrading on the basis of the original E5 Series appearance, and its performance has been greatly improved. C50 adopts long distance signal transmission and guide transmission technology, which can be equipped with super long insert tube and million high definition display. It can be widely used in the field of pipeline inspection, collecting box detection, large equipment and other industrial testing fields. It is a very pioneering industrial endoscope product.

The interface is more concise

The new UI design, the operation is more convenient, let you experience more smoothly.

More fluent in operation

C50 runs faster than the E5 series over 30%, enabling you to operate well.

The picture is clearer

960*720 real HD screen, more color / Black / White / negative three modes are optional. Equipped with HDMI high-definition output interface, it can display real-time clear detection screen on the display, so that parts defects are nowhere to hide.

Color is more real

Excellent image processing technology, effectively handle all kinds of reflection and distortion of the screen, perfect rendering of real color.


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