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What can a Borescope Camera do?

March 27,2018.

With a borescope camera,we can do remote visual inspection.Coantec videoscope usually is equipped with small diameter and long insertion tube,which can be used in narrow areas and record high resolution images.In this case,our viewing filed is been expanded and the checking work turns easy.

What’s the common diameter and length of a visual inspection borescope?Normally,Coantec videoscope is designed for different diameters(2.8mm,3.8mm,6mm,8mm)and different lengths(1m to 10m or longer),which can meet different customers’ needs.

However,one of our unique design is that the insertion tube is changeable.We can change the flexible borescope insertion tube with different diameters and lengths according to practical inspection conditions,which can greatly reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of the inspection work.

Flexible Borescope Camera

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