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What Factors Affect Industrial Videoscope?

May 15,2018.

Industrial endoscope equipment has been widely used in industry and has brought great convenience to the work of life and industry. Are you clear about the main factors that affect the detection of industrial videoscope equipment? The following is an industrial videoscope manufacturer, Coantec, explaining the factors that affect industrial  detection.

1. Lighting conditions. Videoscope is mostly equipped with its own light source. Under general conditions, it is required that the color temperature of the illumination source of the instrument is not less than 5600K, and the intensity of illumination is not less than 2600lm.

2. Probe position and angle. It is usually best to observe the image in the range of 5mm~25mm, so the videoscope probe is always close to the observation point. The probe and the observation plane can achieve good observation effect in the range of 45° ~90°. In the actual work, the suitable observation position is found by changing the position and angle of the probe and the observation point repeatedly, and the best detection effect is obtained.

3.Channel. Select the channel as close as possible to the detection position, select the shortest path to the shortest length, minimize the number and degree of the probe need to bend; recommend the use of the tooling, to ensure the correct direction of the probe in the product channel; should adopt side observation.

4. Resolution, magnification, and detectable minimum defect. These are the technical indicators of the videoscope, which can directly affect the detection results.


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