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Why Choose Videoscope for Manufacturing Test

May 23,2018.

Nondestructive testing in product manufacturing is often considered to increase the cost of testing and increase the manufacturing cost. Why we choose videoscope for manufacturing test? There are few reasons for it.

We should know that the correct nondestructive testing in the middle of the middle of the manufacturing process is to prevent the waste of the subsequent processes, reduce rework, reduce the rate of waste, and reduce the manufacturing cost. For example, in thick plate welding, if all the defects are repaired after the welding is completed, it will take a lot of working hours or hard to repair. Therefore, a nondestructive test can be carried out at half of the welding to confirm that there is no excess defect to continue the welding, so that although the cost of nondestructive testing is increased, the total manufacturing cost is reduced. For example, the casting is machined, and sometimes the defects such as slag, gas hole, crack and so on are not allowed on the surface of the machine. Before machining, the nondestructive testing of the parts to be processed is carried out, and the defect location is no longer processed, thus the rate of waste is reduced and the machining time is saved.

In this point,we can choose videoscope for NDT to improve work efficiency and reduce cost.


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