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Wonderful August full of amateur recreational activities

December 13,2019.

In order to stimulate employees unity consciousness, enhance the company cohesion, and let everyone get enough rest and entertainment after the intense work, with full enthusiasm to go into work. Coantec carries out a number of activities, to create a good atmosphere for the company in August actively planning.

The Organization to Watch "wolf 2" To Promote Positive Energy

Hot action movies "wolf 2" is popularized in national cinema. To ease the work pressure, let employees understand military style, experience  the military mission in relax, all the staff of the Coantec are  organized to watch the movie "wolf 2" under the leadership of Mr Zheng, making a contribution to the domestic box office.

After viewing, everyone was  encouraged. And the sense of honor and sense of responsibility and mission in the work was  enhanced.let us take more high enthusiasm to the work, contribute to the vigorous development of the company!

Weekly Badminton Fitness Activities Are Ongoing

"Bang!"!" With a ringing sound, badminton fitness activities of every week kicked off. In the hall, I saw the staff in the course of vigorous posture,and the action of movement , swing and hitting,was coherent, smooth and clean. Cheers and warm sound can be heard without end.

The weekly badminton activities organized by company are not only to let everyone exercise the body, relax the body and mind, but also to strengthen the mutual exchanges  between  staffs. Meanwhile,it can enhance internal cohesion and effectively promot the building of enterprise culture,laiding a good foundation for the stable and healthy development of the company.We believe that there will be more and more innovation in endoscope field,and our comany will be more and more better.

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