Shenzhen Coantec Automation Technology Co., Ltd,founded in 2012, is a high-tech enterprise which is specialized in research and development, production and sales of industrial endoscopes, automotive borescopes, police endoscopes, video borescopes, intelligent testing robots and visual intelligent instruments.Based on independent innovation, we have succeeded in developing the first HD industrial endoscope of megapixe...
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Coantec C65 series 3D Measurement High Definition Industrial Videoscope

    6.5-inch HD Touch Screen Accurate 3D Measurement Function 360°All-way Articulation Probe C Gesture Image Auto Flip Function
C65 series 3D Measurement High Definition  Industrial Videoscope

Sanowell Scaneo IR Ear/Forehead Thermometer

    Sanowell IR Ear/Forehead Thermometer Sanowell thermometer, good quality device with 2 years warranty。 Your best choice for accuracy testing,in stock for supplying!
Sanowell Thermometer

Automotive Endoscopes of Coantec ME+ series

    Ultra high definition Camera, ability to take images and videos; 210° large bending angle, can check the valve directly; Strong adaptability to different environment, oil resistant and corrosion resistant; The insertion tube can withstand 200℃ high temperture without waiting for the car to cool down (Optinal); The host can be connected to a large screen display, to facilitate consultation; Easy to use, econmical and practical;
Coantec ME+ videoscope for auto aftermarket

Super HD Mega Pixel Industrial Videoscope of Coantec C40 series

    720P megapixel Ultra HD camera; Rapid replacement of insertion tube with different specifications within 20 seconds; 2-6mm multiple diameter optional; Powerful software functions; LED light source lifetime warranty; Environmental adaptability, oil resistance and corrosion resistance;
Industrial Videoscope,borescope,endscope

Scene Light of Coantec JS1000 series

    Coantec JS1000 series ● 1000m ultra irradiating distance ● 8000lx high lumen ● 4lighting options ● 1.2~2.5m liftable design ● 5hours fast charging ● Sturdy and durable, light and handy
Scene Light

Ultra HD Mega Pixel Industrial Videoscope of Coantec C50 series

    Bending Control: 360°all-way mechanical control Bending Angle: Within 5m≥160° , Above 5m≥120° Light Type: Front LED  light or Rear-mounted LED Fiber light (≥3w hour) Illumination: Front LED light with max 20,000lx , Rear-mounted LED Fiber light with max 10,000lx Display: 5-inch LCD daylight display Image Resolution: 1280*720/ 960*720 Video Resolution: 1280*720 File Format: Picture: BMP/ JPEG; Vide: MP4 Memory: Standard 8G SD card, Support 32G at maximum Special Functions: File can be renamed and locked. User can add logo to the image.
Industrial Videoscope,borescope,endscope

Coantec C60 series Separated/desktop type Industrial Videoscope

    Coantec C60 Series Videoscope Replaceable design for consumable insertion tube Ergonomically designed operating handle Strong anti-interference,can work for a long time 7-inch separated type portable HD display screen 12-inch desktop type large size HD display screen
Separated/desktop type Industrial Videoscope

Replaceable Insertion Tube of Coantec CP35 Series

    Double tungsten ally braided insertion tube of 4 layers Sapphire protective lens Water-resistant/Impact-resistant/Fall-resistant/Scratch-resistant Globally unique replaceable insertion tube Optical fiber insertion tube,360°all-way articulation
Replaceable Insertion Tube

Coantec M3-P Series Police Videoscope

    Globally unique replaceable insert tube. Micro probe,360°all-way articulation. Long distance night vision inspection. Light and portable, only 0.45 KG.
High Definition Police Videoscope

Coantec RB Infrared Thermal Borescope

    Infrared probe is bend & replaced. borescope and infrared thermal imaging Exclusive technology & innovative design photo & video
Infrared Thermal Borescope

Coantec E5 Motor Control Industrial Videoscopes With 10 Meters Tubes

    Motor control joystick Maximum 10 meters tube Anti-shock and waterproof IP67(probe/tube) 12 months warranty and lifetime maintenance
motor control industrial videoscopes

Coantec M3 Industrial Videoscope Detachable Insertion Tube

    Detachable tubes for different diameters. Portable and one-hand operation. Rated IP67 waterproof(probe,tube) Sync up with PC for real time picture.
Industrial Inspection Instrument
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